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Welcome to RBL Communications


RBL Communications is a full service media solutions provider that develops comprehensive online marketing campaigns for small-cap companies. Through fully customized, fully managed programs, RBL engages audiences with interactive experiences ensuring that your company generates an impact that is retained by your target audience – the investment community.

Our Services


servicesOur service offering is structured to meet the needs of today’s small-cap company. We offer a complete, fully managed social media solution and complement it by providing clients with the ability to tell their corporate story by means of audio/video interviews, interactive webcasts and corporate videos. We also offer prominent exposure on Tier 1 websites such as Financial Post as well as several exciting advertising opportunities. View our services page for more information.

Our Success


Our success in creating vibrant and dynamic programs for our clients has resulted in undisputed client retention with many of our clients going well beyond the initial 12-month contract. These longstanding relationships are testimony to our industry renowned program offerings, unrivaled work ethic, attention to detail and exceptional customer service. View our testimonials and success stories pages for more details.

Top 5 Reasons To Outsource



By outsourcing you eliminate the need for the programmer and developer required to custom code your Facebook, Twitter, YouTube Flicker and ITunes accounts. This coding is integral to allow customization of Facebook menus and to ensure website branding is carried through to all platforms. Branding is a critical element of marketing and will keep your company top of mind with researching investors. Additionally, the daily maintenance and monitoring of the various social media platforms is laborious and time consuming. A fully managed program ensures you can remain consistent in your messaging and not find, as many companies do, that they are unable to ‘keep up’ with the time requirements. Our Social Media packages integrate seamlessly with in house investor relations and as such, outsourcing will free up your IR Team from many of the mundane tasks such as mailing out packages and reiterating information from media releases. Research has shown that companies with a comprehensive web marketing strategy find investors utilizing the tools provided to gather and share information. Another key element to a Social Media Package is the creation of audio and video content. RBL includes unlimited content creation, representing huge cost reduction in media materials.
Measureables are integral to determine return on investment (R.O.I.). We provide detailed monthly, quarterly and annual reporting indicating each social media channel (i.e. Facebook, YouTube, Twitter etc.) and the number of views as well as increase or decrease levels and number of subscribers. These tools provide an immediate snapshot of growth for analysis of special project successes. RBL also provides press release dissemination to your database and provides reporting that details number of views and location by the hour. This aids you in determining the day of week and time of day in which specific types of press release views are maximized. RBL will also keep your contact list clean and legally spam compliant for you.
A comprehensive Social Media presence that is custom coded and managed professionally can ensure that your company will dominate search engine results. Comprehensive and detailed tagging of information on all of your social media platforms is critical to enhance your SEO. As a living example: if you typed white gold district into your browser you will notice that it is not the largest Company that is at the top of search engine results, it is our client Taku Gold. A professionally designed, engineered and maintained Social Media package, that is ensuring you have coverage on an expansive range of social media platforms, will see your company dominating search engine results. The largest growth in new Facebook accounts in 2011 has been in the 70+ demographic. This isn’t just for kids anymore! By being top of the list on searches and top of mind in branding you are giving your story impact and ensuring it reaches the investment community. 70% of all investors do their research online, make sure your company is top of the list!
One of the most challenging and potentially expensive aspects of a web and social media marketing strategy is the creation of vibrant visual and audio content. Time and time again we see websites, Facebook pages, YouTube channels etc. that have gone stagnant. A company must consistently add new and compelling material (content) to ensure the investment community keeps coming back for updates and more information. Nothing sends a worse message about your company than a Facebook page that has not been updated at least a couple of times each month. 78% of online users have more trust in the information found on Facebook than in company ads or websites. RBL provides UNLIMITED access to content creation as a critical component of our Social media Packages. We offer a professional studio for audio and video recording and partner with two industry professionals Corporateinterviews.comand and provide our clients with unlimited audio interviews to imbed in press releases. Further we can enrich your audio interview with graphs, charts, pictures and numbers that help to tell your story. We attend trade shows and provide onsite video interviewing for our clients as well as the creation of project videos. We can take your existing site footage or Powerpoint presentation, bring it into the studio for professional edit and voiceover to create a powerful tool in your marketing arsenal.
At the end of the day, when making the decision to create a Social Media marketing strategy, one must consider impact. There is no denying the incredible power that this form of water cooler communication provides. A platform where the user has the ability to be interactive with the company, and the message, has proven to be preferred and frankly more trusted. The transparency created by the wealth of available information and the investment community’s ability to interact is key. Additionally, a company needs to consider the legal ramifications of information dissemination. RBL Communications specializes in public companies and the principals come from an Investor Relations background. We disseminate all information upon request only and further will advise you if we think any information to be released will create a potential breech. The social media aspect of IR is being self-regulated at this point so ensuring the party responsible for your social media’s day to day management understands the legalities around this is integral. A social media presence that is not slick, well managed and active may in fact hurt your brand. Do not undertake a social media strategy until your company is confident they have the manpower to handle building, developing, managing and creating content or the right professionals under contract to provide the service.